Why You'll love it

I volunteer at the 24-hour Charity Shootout every year and it is very enjoyable. The looks on the kids faces is great feeling to know they are getting valuable life lessons out of it. I think this is a great example of how powerful sport and the Active World is.

Things you need to know

Helping Hoops is a range of basketball programs in Melbourne offered on a weekly basis that inspire underprivileged children involved in sport and teach them life lessons through the power of sport. They create an “environment where kids feel they belong, teaching goal settings, inspiring future leaders, making kids feel good about themselves and embrace the “never give up” attitude that IS Helping Hoops”. Some examples of the underprivileged groups include people with a disability and those from public housing.

One of the only programs of this level, leading the way, has lots of partners and supporters, has a one off charity shootout which acts as their main fundraiser each year, great coaches and staff involved.

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Written by: Jason McCurry

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